Butoh-laboratorium Oslo arrangerer workshopen Just visiting this planet med Mutsumi*Neiro den 27. november på Qigongsenteret i Oslo.

The work will begin simply by standing and listening to the space without any expectation, in order to find ourselves on a point of the Earth. Then from there we will start searching for openness, says Mutsumi*Neiro.

"We want to share the edge of our dance. The way to find reality in your dance comes from your own life. It may not look like "BUTOH", but that is BUTOH. Why not together celebrate all this world through dancing."

The workshop will at the end of the day discover ways of dancing together through a session of improvisation, and then sharing tea time to conclude.

Contact information and registration: katarina.kunstprosjekt@gmail.com

Place: Qigongsenteret, Grønlandsleiret 14, 0190 Oslo

Price: 750 NOK / students and low fare income. 700 NOK

No previous experience is required

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